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Dr. Lofi Highlight: SoulClap

Peace of Thought is part of the EP Cloud View. I got the inspiration from an episode when I spent a peaceful day with my friends while the world around was dominated by rain and clouds. Together we had the chance to let our minds drift away from the present while listening to music in the car.

SoulClap is a game-changing artist that’s best known for his ability to create experimental music that embodies elements from both past and present. SoulClap says he often draws inspiration from listening to beat tapes like J Dilla's but ultimately lets his creativity take over. He strives to create music that leaves listeners with a lasting impression and a hankering for more of his dreamy beats.

What truly sets SoulClap's beats apart is his dedication to finding rare sounds, whether it's a drum loop, bassline, or soul sample, and keeping them in their original state. His passion for lofi music is clear, as he’s been steadily collecting vinyl for over 20 years now and using it to produce his music. This is just one of the many attributes that make his productions so unique.

To keep up with SoulClap's music, fans can visit his official label website, The Soul Speaks Records here.

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