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Dr. Lofi Highlight: Hyd’ro 4 Music

If you haven’t yet heard of Hyd'ro 4 music, prepare to be enraptured.

This French-based Lo-Fi artist specializes in bringing listeners "Well Vibes" with his instrumental beats that match your every mood. His creations are meant to take you away from the craziness surrounding us and let your mind travel to faraway places. Inspired by 90's hip-hop and soulful jazz, Hyd'ro 4 music's beats aim to provide a chill hop vibe that transcends. As a former DJ, he organically composed beats that evolved from dark and heavy to chill and lofi. His motto, "From Here And Anywhere," reflects his love for the Lo-Fi genre and the belief that there is incredible music to be found everywhere. Get lost in the smooth, mellow sounds of Hyd'ro 4 music and let your mind escape to another place.

Click here to listen

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